The Happy Planner

For three years I have been using the same “mommy planner” and lately I realized that it is not working for me anymore, but I live in France and the planner fever hasn’t arrived here yet so, we don’t have so many options as in the USA.

After doing my research, and hesitating a lot between a few brands, I decided that I would give The Happy Planner a go because I love their designs of course, but mostly because of the many customization options! You can change your cover as often as you like, you can create your own dividers and folders, and there are tons of DIY that you can prepare at home! So now I can’t wait for July to start using it!

If you are interested, I got mine on the Me and My Big Ideas website.

Please, let me know, do you have a favorite planner?

happy planner haul


happy planner travel bag

happy planner view 1

happy planner view 2


Planners & Diaires: How many I have and how I use them

I have always loved to write, more than that, I need to write. Since I remember I have kept a diary, seeing things on paper make them more real, and easier to deal with. I need my planners to remember things, to organize my days, to make sure that I am on top of things and my diaries to help me keep my memories, and special moments, because I do not know why, but I am always scared of forgetting, of seeing those moments fade with time.

This may seem excessive for some people, by no means I suggest that you need to have all this planners and diaries in your life….but I do, they help me to keep focused and organized, but also to empty my head and keep my memories. So here I present you my babies!

Family Planner


This is my main planner, where I keep track of appointments, important dates, but also meal planning, family activities, sport, etc.

Blog Post & Social Media Planner


This is my work planner, here I write down my blog post ideas and all things related with social media.

All Purpose Journal


This is not exactly a diary or a journal, but more like an all purpose notebook divided in 4 sections: gratitude journal, book noted, business ideas and my favorite one, the brain dump, where I doodle, and write everything and anything!

Finances Journal


This is very self explanatory, this little notebook, helps me keep track on my expenses and financial goals.

Dream Journal


I have always had very vivid dreams and some of them are recurring dreams that I have had for years, that is why when I knew that some people had a Dream Journal to keep track of those dreams, I thought it was a good idea for me, and actually it has been really fun to work on this journal that I always keep next to my bed.

One Line a Day Diary


This is another lovely concept, in this notebook you only have a few lines to write something about your day, and this for 5 years. This is my 3rd year with this diary and I already have fun reading my entries of previous years.

Life Time Diary


This is the classical type of diary. I have been writing on it for years, some times every day, then I stop for months, but I always go back to it, because as I said at the beginning of this post, writing is like a second nature for me.

Listers Gotta List Diary


This is a very fun challenge, in which you get a monthly list with different subjects to make lists of! I know, it sounds kind of nerdy, and it is nerdy, but hey, what can I say, this is so much like me!

Click here to get more information about this challenge