Melvita, organic beauty products

Lately I have been looking for organic options to replace some products in my skincare routine and there is a brand that caught my eye immediately, first because they have this beautiful line of rose scented products, and then because they are really gentle and so nice to use on daily basis!

The brand is Melvita and so far I have tried 4 products:


  • Bouquet Floral – Cleansing jelly, makeup remover. This is a clear gel that really removes all the makeup, even waterproof, and leaves a subtle floral scent on the skin.
  • Deodorant for sensitive skin. As I mentioned in a previous post, my underarm skin was quite irritated and this deodorant with a cream/gel consistency really helped to calm and soothe this part of my body.
  • Nectar de Roses – Hydrating Facial Gel. This is going to be my daily cream of choice for the hot days, it’s so light, still moisturizing, no residue, perfect as a makeup base!
  • Brume de Beauté Rose Bio – Organic Rose Beauty Mist. Still another perfect product for the higher temperatures to come, I am going to keep this in the fridge and use it to refresh my skin or to settle my makeup!

Voilà! For the moment I am not going to need more skincare products, but as soon as I finish what I have in stock, I will certainly go to look for Melvita replacements!

Hope you find this useful, and let me know if you know this brand and which products do you like.

See you soon!

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