Emma & Chloé, the Frenchy Jewellery Box

Today I want to talk about this French subscription box that I got this month because I think it is really awesome.

I am not going to lie, the first reason I decided to subscribe was because I got a 50% off code, so I thought, why not? I wasn’t expecting much, often the jewellery  that comes with  this kind of boxes are pretty much just trinkets, but not this one! Everything from the box to the little magazine and the card presenting the piece, are very good quality and excellent taste! To let you judge by yourself, here are the pictures!

emma & chloe boxemma & chloe box february 2016schade ring feu

The piece I got comes from the lovely jewellery brand Schade, it’s name is “Feu” and it is a gold plated 24K ring that retails for 99€ and comes with an authenticity card. Considering that I only payed 10€ plus 3€ for the delivery, I can without any doubt say that it was an excellent deal!

The monthly subscription is 19€ plus shipping, but different options are available and for a 6 month subscription you get a discount.You will find more information here.

For the moment I will only get one more box, I am not a big jewellery junkie and this will be the only reason why maybe I won’t renew, but otherwise, if you love having original and unique jewellery pieces, this box is for you!




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