Battle of the Brands: Urban Decay Naked Basics vs Catrice Absolute Matt

Yes, another Battle of the brands! This time I am comparing the Naked Basics and the Absolute Matte eye palettes.

This idea came to me during my last trip to my super market, where I found a whole new stand of Catrice products and among them, this amazingly cheap palette that caught my eye because I am always on the hunt for matte eye shadows, and to find them in a “cheap” brand is quite rare.

So, here you have the pictures and I will give you my comments at the end!







  • Up: Urban Decay Naked Basics
  • Down: Catrice Absolutely Matte

Well, the first obvious difference, is that the UD palette has a real black, and even if it is no the darkest black out there, it is a nice to have color to create a smoky eye or to use as an eyeliner. But the dark charcoal from the Catrice palette is not uninteresting though, I really like the grayish tone and you can still make it work as an eyeliner.

The downside of the Catrice palette is that the colors are more chalky, but it is understandable when you compare the prices. The UD palette retails for 29€ and the Catrice one for only 5€.

Using an eyeshadow base, you can get a very similar result, but if you decide not to use a base, the color pay off and the lasting time, will definitely not be the same at all.

Even if they are not exactly dupes, I think that Catrice has done an excelent job with this matte palette, the colors are easy to usen very wearable and with a base they work perfectly!

At the end the choice will be a matter of budget, because both are small palettes that you can carry everyday on your makeup bag, but if you don’t want to spend a lot in such a “basic” palette, the Catrice one is for you, then you can spend your money in more “adventurous” products!


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