Planners & Diaires: How many I have and how I use them

I have always loved to write, more than that, I need to write. Since I remember I have kept a diary, seeing things on paper make them more real, and easier to deal with. I need my planners to remember things, to organize my days, to make sure that I am on top of things and my diaries to help me keep my memories, and special moments, because I do not know why, but I am always scared of forgetting, of seeing those moments fade with time.

This may seem excessive for some people, by no means I suggest that you need to have all this planners and diaries in your life….but I do, they help me to keep focused and organized, but also to empty my head and keep my memories. So here I present you my babies!

Family Planner


This is my main planner, where I keep track of appointments, important dates, but also meal planning, family activities, sport, etc.

Blog Post & Social Media Planner


This is my work planner, here I write down my blog post ideas and all things related with social media.

All Purpose Journal


This is not exactly a diary or a journal, but more like an all purpose notebook divided in 4 sections: gratitude journal, book noted, business ideas and my favorite one, the brain dump, where I doodle, and write everything and anything!

Finances Journal


This is very self explanatory, this little notebook, helps me keep track on my expenses and financial goals.

Dream Journal


I have always had very vivid dreams and some of them are recurring dreams that I have had for years, that is why when I knew that some people had a Dream Journal to keep track of those dreams, I thought it was a good idea for me, and actually it has been really fun to work on this journal that I always keep next to my bed.

One Line a Day Diary


This is another lovely concept, in this notebook you only have a few lines to write something about your day, and this for 5 years. This is my 3rd year with this diary and I already have fun reading my entries of previous years.

Life Time Diary


This is the classical type of diary. I have been writing on it for years, some times every day, then I stop for months, but I always go back to it, because as I said at the beginning of this post, writing is like a second nature for me.

Listers Gotta List Diary


This is a very fun challenge, in which you get a monthly list with different subjects to make lists of! I know, it sounds kind of nerdy, and it is nerdy, but hey, what can I say, this is so much like me!

Click here to get more information about this challenge


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