Xmas Gift Guide 2015

Gift Guide Xmas 2015

  1. For the love of your life – http://bit.ly/1QgVER0
  2. For the handy and creative person-  amzn.to/1Q2EJ50
  3. For your Ipad (handmade) – http://bit.ly/1IGOZwV
  4. For your retro / hipster friend – http://bit.ly/21RgtXa
  5. For the posh – http://bit.ly/1Y4DgKk
  6. For the geek – http://bit.ly/1Q2F6N1
  7. For the romantic (also handmade) – http://etsy.me/1NOCCea
  8. For the stressed – http://bit.ly/1Y4D79W
  9. For the photographer (this is a cup!) – http://bit.ly/1XYG9BS
  10. For the nature lover – http://bit.ly/1lRkg5S

Hope you find this useful and maybe you will find a gift idea for your loved ones.


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