October favorites!

2015-11-06 13.00.39Here are some of the things that I have been enjoying lately!

The Marie Kondo book of course, because I am really working on decluttering and reducing the amount of products I don’t use and this method is really hepful.

I also wanted to try a more natural deodorant and this one form Weleda works really well, even the days I work out! It is rose scented (surprise, surprise!) but in a very delicate way, not overwhelming at all.

And as much as I love using my The Body Shop hand cream, I wanted to try this Roger Gallet balm just because the fig scent is divine! Also for my hands, well, more exactly for my nails, I’ve been using the Butter London Nail Foundation and I can say hands down, that it’s the best base coat I have ever used! Then to have the neatest mani, I use the Monoprix corrector, It works perfectly and is not as expensive as other brands.

I don’t know if it was the Halloween effect, but I also loved dark lips, like…a lot! I used one MAC lipstick from a past limited edition with the most beautiful lip pencil ever, it’s name is Current and you can still find on stores!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I loooove coloring books, it relaxes me and entertains me a lot, and with this fashion themed one I am having so much fun!

I have not been using many accessories lately, but this V shaped necklace from Forever21 goes with anything and I am really impressed with the quality, it makes me want to visit the jewelry section of Forever21 more often!

Sometimes I also like to share the love for the Youtubers I follow, and this time I must say that I’ve been impressed by Estée Lalonde, she is funny, always has good recommendations and her vlogs with her boyfriend and dog are lovely.

Then you have some other more random favorites, like 2 TV Shows I really enjoyed watching: Scrotal Recall and IZombie. The application Fabulous to try to be more organized and work on my time management, and the album Native from the band OneRepublic.

If you have any suggestions for TV Shows, books or Youtubers, please let me know, I am always in the hunt of some good entertainment!


scrotalrecall izombie onerepublicfabulous

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