Favorite LUSH products

15-10-26-14-35-51-097_decoI got into Lush when I was looking for a more natural option for the shower and bath products my family was using, and since I found them I have never been disappointed!

I have bought each one of these products several times, because they are staples in my daily beauty routine.

1445867980042I am not a bath girl, I mostly prefer showers, that is why my favorite products from Lush are for sure the shower gels and cremes! Unfortunately two of my favorite ones (Rose Jam and Snow Fairy) are limited editions, so each time during the holidays I have to buy several bottles of each to have enough stock for the year!

If you are familiar with Lush, you surely noticed that I am attracted to sweet bubblegummy scents, there is nothing I can do, maybe is my inner child who still craves sweet!

1445867417701Big is one of my all time favorite products, it is so unique, and for me, the only really effective shampoo to deep clean my hair.

The solid shampoo is also very practical, as I go to the pool very often, this format is perfect for me. My favorite one is Honey I washed my hair, why? Did you notice the “honey” in the name?

1445867381327Finally the soaps, and one special mention to the bath bomb Cinders, that I also always get around Christmas because the scent is so warm and cozy!

The pink soap is Rock Star and to me it smells very similar to the Snow Fairy shower gel, that most be why I love it, but what I appreciate the most, is it’s texture, so creamy, my skin is always very soft after showering with this soap.

Last but not least, Coalface, which is a skincare product that used with my Clarisonic, leaves my face feeling really clean but without that tingly feeling.

Well, that is all, but please, tell me which are your favorite Lush products and let me know if there is one you think I should try!

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